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Out-of-band authentication:

The communication channel is completely separate from the channel used to transmit the data. This makes hackers have to compromise various devices and networks to compromise authentication.

Anti-fraud authentication:

Authentication occurs from a secret location, only known to the user. By using radio signals to certify the location of each user, it is avoided that any remote attacker is able to impersonate their identity, since to know the lines it is necessary to have physical access to the place.

Anti-data leakage service:

The signals used for authentication on the server are not saved on any server. To do this, the algorithm will be trained, eliminating the signals and saving only the algorithm, storing it in a mathematical black box that is activated only with a certain input. In this way, the data leaks that have ended the password are finished.

Anti-malware service:

A completely separate device is used to perform the authentication so that, although the computer is checked with malware to steal the access credentials. This procedure prevents Trojans and other malware from stealing access credentials.

Product overview

Integrate KYDOM Identity provider in any service,
wheter on promise or in cloud,
using your favourite standard.


Use Cases

KYDOM for App Authentication

Hire the first and only authentication service that allows you to use a secret lair as password to your most critical, private or confidential services.
In addition, you can easily integrate our MFA with the protocols < b> SAML , OpenID Connect , or even, with a custom integration with our sdk.

KYDOM for Remote Access

The VPN that allows quick and instant access to your providers. Do not let your VPN depend on a simple password, or a hard-to-install hardware USB.
Allow access to your data , using only a phone number and let your customers define a secret lair from which to access.

KYDOM for Physical Access Control

Control the physical access to your office, without the need for any type of hardwares (lathes, tracks) with a high cost and complex facilities. With our technology, you will be able to identify who accesses or leaves any place you wish to control. Kydom will issue an alert that warns if someone has violated one of your secret lairs.

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